Vulnerable Visibility 101: Eight-Week Self-Study Program

Vulnerable Visibility 101: Eight-Week Self-Study Program

Do the type of people you attract to work with you excite you, or exhaust you?

Are you tired of fizzled launches and a practice that has yet to reach its powerful potential?

What if what’s missing from your sales strategies is… YOU?

Visibility has become a buzzword in the personal development and coaching industry over the years, though too often it translates into bikini body lifestyle shots and over-inflated results.

The truth is, people are OVER IT.

They want more. 

They want… YOU.

And despite what you may have been told, you don’t have to be polished or perfect to be visible.

When your ideal clients check you out, they want to know:

  • Is this person like me; Do they think like I do or see the world in a similar way?
  • Have they been through what I’m going through and come out the other side?
  • Will this person understand my unique mindset, personality, and lifestyle?

Vulnerable Visibility: How to Increase your Impact & Income by Radically Revealing yourself” is for you if you’re a conscious coach, healer, or changemaker and you:

  • Have passion about what you contribute to the world through your work
  • Crave more clients who are excited to work with you and want what you have
  • Desire to reach a larger audience and create an impact in your community and the world
  • Want to show up more vulnerably and/or visibly, but aren’t sure how
  • Are ready to learn the art of serving your people through your story

It’s not for you if you are:

  • Looking for superficial fixes or a quick buck
  • Unwilling to show your true self to your clients
  • Resistant to personal growth/development
  • Comfortable hiding behind your brand or offerings
  • Too terrified of making the impact that is your true purpose

This work is not for the faint of heart. Being willing to show up with Vulnerable Visibility requires courage, care, and commitment to something greater than yourself. This era is asking us to say yes to our soul’s desire and our deepest purpose.

You change the world by showing up fully, sharing your story, and being willing to be seen.

The time is now. Your part is calling. Are you ready?! (as the crowd goes wild)

9 Modules


I'm so glad you're here! This first module is to:

  • Help you get used to navigating your member area
  • Get you in the private Facebook group for connecting and discussing your progress with other participants
  • Set you up for success during and after the program

Dive in when you're ready!

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